4M Paint Your Own Russian Dolls Trinket Box

by 4M

Start a hobby that will last a lifetime with the 4M Paint Your Own Trinket Box Russian Doll Kit. This fun kit is ideal for building any young artists' creative skill with results they'll be proud to show off. It comes with six paintable doll-shaped trinket boxes that can nest inside each other or hold secret treasures.

The included six-color painting kit and simple instructions make it easy for adults and children to decorate these dolls together. Once complete, kids will have a fun set of custom-painted nesting dolls that that they can enjoy for life.

Recommended for ages 6 and up.

Builds Pride and Creative Skill
4M Paint Your Own Kits help children develop personal ownership and pride in their work as they paint a unique creation to call their own.

An Afternoon of Fun Together
Each 4M Kit offers an opportunity to engage children and build positive social bonds while helping them grow and learn.

Enjoy for Life
These paintable creations are made from durable materials; so kids can have fun with them now--but will treasure them for life.

Better Together
Mix and combine 4M Paint Your Own Kits for an afternoon of painting paradise that's perfect for parties or gatherings.