Creepers: The Piano


The Creepers series is back with another scary story that is sure to bring the thrills!

The melodic music from a priceless piano turns haunting as it begins to play on its own.

The Houston family can''t believe their luck when they stumble upon a beautiful piano at a low price. Their delight soon turns to horror when the piano comes to life. The melodies that it plays over and over again are eerie and it becomes clear that someone from the past has a message for them.

About the Creepers Horror Stories series: Strange things are happening in the Creepers series! These high-interest, low-vocabulary middle grade illustrated chapter books are perfect for readers who love a good mix of spooky and silly. Featuring stories with tween protagonists who find themselves in paranormal predicaments, the Creepers series is sure to give readers goose bumps as they dive into each haunting tale.