Fisher-Price Pull A Tune Xylophone

Pull your xylophone around by the leash that connects to the mallet and you will be ready to play a tune anytime!

First introduced in 1957, this retro-style xylophone has 8 colorful metal bars that each play a different note.

Learn to play scales or pick out a tune, then pull your xylophone around the house to find a new audience!

The fun rainbow of musical bars invites children to play and pound and pick out musical notes. It's a great introduction to music and a great pull-toy for toddlers!

Please note: This toy no longer has a built in music box.

Retro Fisher-Price Pull-A-Tune Xylophone
  • A toddler xylophone on wheels
  • Encourages hand-mallet coordination, musical note detection, gross motor skills
  • Pull your instrument with you wherever you go!
  • 8 metal bars each play a different note
  • Note: unlike the original Pull-A-Tune Xylophones from the 50s, this does not play music when pulled
  • Mallet is attached to base by a string
  • Includes: 8 note metal xylophone on plastic base with plastic wheels and mallet attached with string