Goliath Burger Party

The Battle of the Chefs has begun ... Which will succeed the most prestigious hamburger? Get your hands on the best ingredients but be sure to follow the rules of haute cuisine!

Place the burger-poo burger in the center of the table and distribute the cards face down. In turn, players return the top card of their pack face up to the other players and pose in front of them. On the next turn, the returned card will cover the previous cards. When two identical cards appear, you must be the first to press the burger-burger. It's the race for the ingredient. All players play at the same time.
But beware, when a player is wrong, and he presses when it should not, he must take the last card and place it under his range-ingredients (-2 points).

In this board game, we try to constitute the ideal hamburger. To do this, there is a golden rule: it is forbidden to superimpose two cards of the same color in its range of ingredients.

The box contains a hamburger transport box, a pouet-pouet lid, 120 cards and a rule of the game.

6+ years | 2-5 players | 15 minutes