Plasticine No-Dry Modelling Material Character Creator

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So many creative possibilities! invent your own crazy creatures and objects with Plasticine no-dry modeling material and over 39 plastic character pieces including beaks, feet, wings, fins and more! download the free smartphone app to animate your creations and bring them to life. What will you create with Plasticine? this kit includes 12oz Plasticine modeling clay, 39 plastic stick ‘N’ shape character pieces, 1 roller tool, 1 sculpting tool, and an idea instruction guide. Recommended for ages 5 years and up with adult supervision. Invented in 1895 by and English artist and educator, Plasticine is the original reusable, non-drying modeling compound to be sold to aspiring artists of all ages. Easy to work with for any creative project, Plasticine never dries out or shrinks. It doesn’t stick to your hands, and it always stays soft and pliable. It is these unique properties that make Plasticine the perfect modeling material for free creative expression and for stop-motion clay-mutation. We have been shaping creativity for over 100 years!