Read & Sing: 5 Little Monkeys


Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, but what happens when they all fall off and bump their heads in this fairytale mashup featuring characters from "Five Little Monkeys" and Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

Sleeping over at the home of Goldilocks and the three bears, these silly monkeys just can't seem to stop jumping and falling off the bed. Luckily, Mama Bear is a doctor and knows just what to do in this reimagined version of the classic nursery rhyme song.

About the Turn Without Tearing series: These interactive picture books use rich descriptive language, repetitive sounds, and bright illustrations to provide a perfect read-aloud experience. Made using a durable stone paper to prevent tearing as the pages are turned, these titles are designed to transition growing readers from board books to picture books with confidence.

Read & Sing: Search Flowerpot Kids on YouTube to enjoy a Read & Sing version of your favorite Turn Without Tearing songs. Follow along with your book as you watch the characters come to life and sing along to the song recorded by Billy Squirrel.

About the QR Code Used in 5 Little Monkeys:

The QR code featured on the cover of this book can be scanned to play a sing-along video on the Flowerpot Kids YouTube channel. The QR code can be scanned using the embedded QR code reader in your Android phone, iPad, iPhone, or other smart device camera, making it easy for young readers and families to access.