The Grumbletroll Merry Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year . . . and the Grumbletroll is ready for the holiday season in the fourth book of the popular children’s picture book series.

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Grumbletroll has woken up full of anticipation and excitement. After a fun-filled snowball fight with his friends, he decides they must all celebrate together. He has very specific ideas about everything you need to have a perfect party—scrumptious cookies, a beautiful tree, all kinds of presents—and of course it all must be done just right. With Grumbletroll telling his friends what to do, his friends get busy on the preparations, but then everything starts to go wrong. The cookies get burnt! Nobody wants to clean up! Even the tree is crooked! As each new problem arises, that intense angry thunderstorm begins to build up in Grumbletroll’s belly.

But this time, as the friends start to unwrap the gifts, he’s not the only one with that familiar feeling . . . will Christmas be ruined?