Science To The Max Frozen Science Labs


The Science To The Max - Frozen Science set is a fun science kit that is going to make things way more frosty in your house. Children can learn the wonders of ice, snow, and more as they develop a love for the wonderful world of science. There are many different experiments that children can do with this set. Thanks to the included polymers, children can make a snow fort that is small on stature, but big on fun. No matter if it is the hottest day of the year, they can build a snowman and they can even make some very funky looking rainbow snow. There are many different fun science experiments that they can do with this set. What is really fun is that they will feel like an actual scientist thanks to the included scientific equipment. They can do 15 fun snow-filled activities with this amazing science set. The Science To The Max - Frozen Science contains a very easy to follow instruction booklet. This will teach them how to do each experiment, but it also explains the science behind each one in a fun way. Children will be learning as they are playing and as a result, this can help them become more interested in science. Suitable for ages 8 and up.

Key Features:

  • They can conduct 15 fun snow and ice themed experiments STEM learning!
  • The instructions are broken down into easy to understand parts
  • It is a fun way for children to learn
  • This set is great if you want a gift that is fun, but also educational