Eco Kids Finger Paint

Made in the USA

Made from food-safe, non-GMO ingredients including potatoes, rice and beans, the Eco-Kids Eco-Finger Paint is tactile and exploratory. This set provides the perfect pre-paintbrush experience, and your child will love learning how to apply color to paper to endlessly create!

Key features:

  • Four delightful scents: Orange, Watermelon Red, Blueberry Blue, and Cabbage Green
  • Made with organic fruit and vegetable extracts
  • Mix the powdered finger paint base with an equal amount of water to create a silky smooth liquid paint.
  • Age recommendation: 3 years +
  • Each tub has 2.6 oz of paint
  • Please note: Mix only what is needed for a single use, though excess unused liquid paint can be safely stored covered in the refrigerator for a day or two.



At family-run eco-kids, creativity is child’s play. Using a recipe handed down from co-founder Cammie Weeks’s mom, their play-doh is all-natural and completely safe, but with the same vivid colors and soft textures you’d expect from mass-market companies. This family business lives by their mantra — “creative play the natural way”. Products are developed with this belief in mind. From using non-toxic, natural ingredients to the unique packaging, eco-kids works with environmentally friendly companies from around the US to bring you fresh ideas in the world of art supplies and to help encourage the world of learning and creative play through Arts & Crafts.