Schiffer Kids The Grumbletroll . . . Wants to Be First!


The Grumbletroll is back in the third book of The Grumbletroll series, and he has only one goal: he absolutely wants to win the big soapbox derby race! 

  • Luckily, he has come up with something special for his soapbox, and during the race, he actually manages to overtake the field from behind but along the way derails his friends.
  • The bird is so frightened that it hits a post. The hedgehog runs into a stone, the mouse's steering wheel breaks, and the rabbit no longer has any brakes!
  • Now Grumbletroll has a clear path, and he is the first to cross the finish line.
  • Will Grumbletroll learn the value of sportsmanship and that winning isn't everything?

Hop in the soapbox for this wild ride and find out if he is prepared to use all his coping skills to set aside his initial anger and come to the aid of his friends so they can all finish the big soapbox derby race together.